Brain Training for Dogs Review

A review of the brain training for dogs program


There are many training courses available for dog owners. Some of them waste the time you put into your efforts because of their ineffectiveness. Some provide old school techniques and some are just plain abusive to your canine companion. If you are in dire need of finding a program that will work in training your dog, puppy, canine, fur-baby or whatever term you may use to call your four-legged friend, please read my Brain Training for Dogs review. I’ve seen a number of training techniques in my many years of having a dog and trying to train it to have proper behavior. Some of them are developed by phoneys with no education or certification. Ultimately their techniques were ineffective and in some cases physically harmful to my beloved pet.

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When I used this program and applied the training, nearly all of the bad behaviors my dog had were resolved. Now let’s be honest, not every program is going to fix every behavior in dogs, but when one program address the overwhelmingly large number of them, then it is one worth considering!

Because of my personal results with this program and hearing comments from other certified trainers I know; I can definitely feel confident that the techniques used in this training are well substantiated and valid.

I want to share with you what comes with the program, what you can expect to gain in using the program and certainly make you aware of the things that in my opinion could be changed.
Plus! I want to show you some short videos of the training in action applying a basic training game as demonstrated from the training coming from the program.

Our dogs for many of us are beloved pets and companions. We want to take care of them and allow for that bond to grow. Because of the love and affection they offer us, we want to do what is right for them to allow for that bond to thrive. I believe you really want that too which is why you are taking the time to look for training that will allow for that to happen.

So to achieve your goal, grab a drink, sit down, relax and get comfortable and let’s go through this review from beginning to end!

1. Review of Brain Training for Dogs

  • Inside the Brain Training 4 Dogs Program
  • Cost of the Brain Training Program
  • Training Philosophy by creator of the program Adrienne Farricelli
  • Qualifications and education of Adrienne Farricelli
  • Your role in training your dog
  • Supplies for training

2. Basic Structure of the Program

  • From basic obedience to genius level
  • Example lessons

3. Samples of Behavior Training the Program Addresses
4. Desired improvements to program
5. Final thoughts

Review of Dog Training for Dogs

With 3 rescue dogs in the house, this dog training program has been invaluable for teaching our kids manners.With no background to speak of and behavior issues that created stress and discomfort in our home, we were desperate for help. Brain Training for Dogs was a solution that brought some peace back into our lives.

Train your canine with a force-free dog training program. Allow your dog to prosper and grow with positive reinforcement instruction. Adrienne Faricelli’s training program is in direct contrast to the other programs being taught today that include dominance training where punishment is a part of the instruction should dogs not behave in the desired manner. Other issues that come with dominance training are:

  • Cowering when you approach due to lack of trust
  • Lack of desire to learn any new training which impedes the training process
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Potentially, an aggressive dog ready to attack should he fear more punishment

Training using positive reinforcement is the guarantee of success you want every time you train your dog!

With that training comes a canine with good self-esteem and confidence, trust and a loving companion. Plus, he will be excited to learn even more of the things that you want to teach him.

inside the brain training 4 dogs program

What once included a 328-page e-book, an additional 89-page e-book on behavior training for dogs and 21 short videos that help you teach your four-legged friend to complete the exercises successfully, now has been developed into something better!

This updated program now comes with a member’s area EXCLUSIVE to buyers of the Brain Training for Dogs program. In that member’s area, you’ll find those 21 videos with cutting-edge information just as before but in an enhanced version. This updated training includes specific details that give step-by-step instruction helping you to train your four-legged friend through each exercise successfully.

I really like this new and improved version because the videos are easier to follow along with now that the written material and video are both kept in one single location. And, there are troubleshooting guides to help you assist your pup to get the exercise right.

And that’s not all that changed…

  • The updates make the program even more valuable and credible because of new information that has been added such as:
  • Specific case studies which get more detailed based on the type of behavioral issues being addressed
  • Direct access to Adrienne, the program creator under the Ask Adrienne section of the member’s area
  • Community forum

Plus! The member’s area can be accessed anywhere online.

The community forum is especially helpful when you are looking to share experiences, successes, and challenges with other like-minded dog lovers and parents. My highest recommendation includes registering for and participating in that forum.

One of the current case studies being presented involves Sadie, a service or therapy dog to be. Adrienne takes on the task of addressing Sadie’s whining and pacing behavior.

cost of brain training program

Amazingly, that for all this program has to offer, including bonuses and upgrades, the cost is a one-time fee of only $47. When you think about how much a hired dog trainer would charge, this program is a steal. I know I have personally paid $150 for a three-session leash training lesson. Even that was discounted based on the fact that my girl was a rescue and this trainer gave a discount for rescues.

However, because of everything she is committing to with the program, the work and effort she puts into it to ensure quality and updated information, she is considering charging a monthly membership fee. If you think that you would find all you are getting with this program is a steal at $47, you may want to consider purchasing it now before the increase goes into effect. I would highly recommend that you do that.

And, Adrianne is so confident that you will benefit and enjoy her program she has a 60-day money-back guarantee for returns…no questions asked!

training philosophy by the creator of the program adrienne farricelli

Training philosophy – positive reinforcement, force-free and just as important…science-based.

The dog training philosophy of Adrienne’s is what you want in your dog trainer. A training style that is backed by science and as part of that includes positive reinforcement and is force-free. Training using this philosophy provides for a situation that is mutually beneficial for you and your fur–baby, (sorry, but that is how I refer to my kid/dog sometimes.)

You’ll never want to underestimate the connect and bond that grows between a dog owner and their pet when they work together in the right environment to understand the wants and needs of each other when it comes to training behavior!

Adrienne’s training ideology makes her instruction effective for dogs of all ages from puppy to adult to senior. It’s important to be aware that this training will be challenging for both you and your dog both physically and mentally. The training will get progressively more challenging as your dog works through the games and puzzles. There will be a learning curve and it will be important to bear that in mind, just as there is a learning curve we as humans experience as well. That being said, the goal of the teaching isn’t to rush through the lessons. Developing your canine’s skill and mental agility will take time.

Another item to note from Adrienne is about the idea of using training treats. They aren’t used as a bribery technique to get your dog to perform the exercise. They are a reward for learning the lesson and performing it correctly.

qualifications and education of adrienne farricelli

The education and qualifications of a dog trainer are just as important for training your dog, as a dentist who is going to take care of your teeth. Without that education and knowledge, you don’t know what you are going to get and whether you will be well taken care of or just left in a condition worse than you can imagine.

Adrienne’s credentials are very impressive. She has 10 years of experience with training dogs and maintains numerous certifications with specific training associated with each.

  • CPDT-KA(Certified Professional Dog Training, Knowledge Assessed)
  • APICC(Italian Association of Dog Training Instructors and Canine Consultants)
  • CCPDT(Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers)

On top of that, her work has been featured in the USA Today and Every Dog Magazine. She is a contributor to E-How and All Experts. She has help dog owners around the world who are struggling with training their dogs and runs a cage-less boarding and training facility. In addition, she trains canines to be service dogs for military veterans.

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your role in training your dog

Dog owners have roles in training their dogs and in fact, you as the dog owner will play more of a role in this process than the dog with.

Adrienne does a really good job in providing easy to follow instruction along with a clearly written guide that you can follow along with easily. This is one of the things that I like about the program because it helps you to train your dog in a much easier manner.

It’s important to note, however, that no dog owners are alike AND there are no two dogs that are alike either. So, a lesson that may work for one dog owner and their dog, doesn’t mean it will work for another. Adrienne understands this so she has a troubleshooting area in the program to help address those exercises that you might be struggling with.

You’ll also learn from the program how to master clicker training. The clicker is an excellent tool that will help you with the training and help your dog to understand you better. The value of this training shouldn’t be underestimated as you will find that it will make life much easier not only in the training process but for maintaining the lessons your pooch has already learned. It’s one aspect of training that I find invaluable.

One other item that you will likely appreciate in your training is how to give your pup its treat reward. This helps to ensure the safety of your fingers!

A hint for you: the one time to hold the dog treat at your fingertips is when you are luring him!

There some other things that you will learn as your dog’s trainer like:

  • how to simplify hand signals
  • verbal cues
  • the difference between hand signals vs. verbal cues
  • how to tone down the repeated treat reward

As I mentioned earlier, you play an extremely important role in training your dog. It is incredible how much this kind of positive reinforcement and force-free training helps to build that bond between you and your beloved pet. There are some other benefits too. Consider these:

  • It will be some of the best quality time you will spend with your dog!
  • It will build an extreme amount of trust for both of you.
  • Your dog will learn faster and his training will be easily sustained
  • Bonus: It is fun when you begin seeing your dog making progress!

supplies for training

There are a few minor things that you will need for training.

First, let’s start with what is likely to be the obvious, the treat reward. Now of course, you could give your kid some of his kibble and he would likely enjoy it. However, if you want some excitement and eagerness to perform the exercise, something a bit more enticing like chicken or beef treats. Because not all treats are equal and some of those specialties may work even better for you…and him or her.

A treat bag you can carry on your hip, or close to you and easily accessible, will make the treat reward process much easier. That way you have quick access to the reward when you need it without having your hands full and potential distract your dog with all your treats in hand.

A clicker while isn’t a requirement, is recommended. A verbal marker is the training that Adriene recommends. However, since she teaches the clicker technique, having one is hand would be beneficial. And for a buck or two, it is worth the investment.

Also, because of the games involved with the training, some plastic bottles, tins for muffin baking, and a rug would be useful.

basic structure of the program

How would you like to come home and not have your pup jump up on you the minute you walk in the door?

The Basic Dog Training for Dog program is a multi-step program that starts with basic obedience and a beginner pooch and parent’s level of instruction. It progressively increases in knowledge and skill. Just like a child, you can’t expect them to go straight to calculus if they don’t yet understand what 1 + 1 equals? The same thing applies to you and your fur-baby.

So this course will begin with the introductory obedience module referred to as PRESCHOOL.

This is the foundational part of the training. The foundation sets your pet and you up for success moving on to the next level of instruction. Missing this piece slows down any training that happens after the introduction and can actually keep your dog from learning anything at all.

In this introductory program your dog with learn things like:

  • sit – this is a known command for most but if not, you simply teach your pet a sit command which comes in handy when preparing to cross the street or wait for something.
  • recall – teaches your dog how to come to you on command is helping when he is running after something.
  • stay – teaches your dog to stay in place helps to not have him following or running after something.
  • drop it – teaches your dog to drop whatever he has in his mouth. This is good when you’re playing with toys, but even more so if he has picked up anything that could be dangerous such as something on the ground that you don’t know what it is.
  • leave it – teaches your dog to leave something alone and not pick it up.

And this list is just a part of what you’ll learn in the basic training!

Having this foundational is extremely beneficial for teaching the brain exercises that come with the program.

Plus! Just think what life would be like to not have a dog jump all over you when you come through the door, a dog that sits and waits patiently for his food, a fur-baby that doesn’t run off and doesn’t come to you when he is called, and all of those other habits that just creates a lot of frustration and stress!

Those bad habits can also be dangerous to your beloved pet. Just think what would happen you saw him try to eat something poisonous on the ground. That would be worrisome. Understanding the leave it command would prevent that.

What if your dog charges out into the street because he was chasing something and a car was coming. You see the scene play out right in front of your eyes. So you call to him to have him come back to you, but he doesn’t come and the next event is horrifying. A frantic trip to the animal hospital is required with tremendous fear about the outcome. Knowing the recall command prevents that tragedy from happening.

Both your pet and you would know the boundaries that have been set which keeps him safe and you without worry while allowing for a greater bond between you AND more peace in your life.

Just the basic training alone makes a huge difference! And for $47 is well worth the price. Have you decided that this program is right for you?

(You can pick up the program by Clicking Here if you want to get started with your training today.)

But if that hasn’t convinced you yet, the awesome thing about the program is that the training doesn’t stop there.

basic obedience to genius level

There are multiple phases of the Brain Training for Dogs program. Adrienne has put a lot into the course to help you, the dog mom and dad to train your kid to understand the easiest of commands and work his way up to an Einstein of obedience and training knowledge. Here is the outline of the training levels:

  • Module 1/Preschool is the very basics of obedience training. This establishes the foundation and really targets your pup’s brainpower for super obedience skills.
  • Module 2/Elementary School is now where the work with his senses and improve upon his skills. Here’s where the games come in that really start enforcing the commands he has learned in the basic training.
  • Module 3/Highschool helps your dog to develop his patience and develop impulse control. More fun games are in store as part of that training.
  • Module 4/College is training to develop your dog’s motor skills and concentration abilities. And yes, more games are part of this training and that means more fun for your dog.
  • Module 5/University takes your dog’s skill to the next level by developing his patience and intelligence. While the bonding between you and your kid has been developing throughout the training thus far, this is where the REAL Bond takes place with your dog and you.
  • Module 6/Graduation is where the development of elevated motor skills and intelligence occurs to help your dog obey your commands.
  • Module 7/Einstein is the stage where your four-legged friend gets to learn the tricks that impress the people he is around. Imagine your dog stacking rings, putting his toys away after playing with them and even playing the piano. Check out the video below to see that skill in action.

Now, I won’t go into all the details of what specifically is involved with each level of training, but I’m sure that with what we’ve already covered, you’ve seen enough to know that there is a great deal of instruction and education involved with each module to help your dog have the best behavior possible.

Still, if you want more detail you can easily find it HERE!

example lesson

Surprisingly enough, beyond all of that comes 4 additional bonuses to reinforce and build upon the knowledge you and your dog has, not to mention a special section dedicated solely to training your puppy.

samples of behavior training the program addresses

There are numerous behaviors your dog demonstrates that this program addresses. Some of those behaviors you have worked tirelessly on changing or improving to no avail. Now you can learn from an expert on how to resolve those behavior tendencies or simply train your dog to do things you want him to do.

You will get help with things like:

  • Potty training
  • Excessive barking
  • Jumping
  • Dealing with aggression
  • Chewing
  • And more…

desired improvements to program

So, we have talked about all of the great things about this program. Now, because it can’t be perfect as no program ever is, here are the things that I believe could change with the course.

  • An opportunity to talk with Adrienne live on a weekly webinar or something similar that will allow you to convey any specific training and behavior issues you are experiencing.
  • Opportunities for one on one training coaching calls.
  • Improvement with the sound quality of the videos. You can still hear the audio, but a better microphone would as more audible clarity.

final thoughts

There are numerous dog training programs on the market. Many of which are created by self-proclaimed dog trainer experts. While some of those training programs are legitimate, there are a large number that are not. Adrienne Faricelli is a highly certified and well-respected member of the dog training community. She has deep compassion for only for training dogs but helping dog owners to train their dog to be the superstar they were meant to be.

Adrienne’s training style is force-free and builds on positive reinforcement. It is also science based. She has been training dogs for over 10 years.

Adrienne’s program, Brain Training 4 Dogs is a thorough, complete and impressive training system. Not only do you get an entire course giving you everything you need to train your beloved pet, but you also get to be part of a community of dog owners just like yourself that you can talk with and reach out to for help.

Genius Dog 300 x 250 - Animated

This program provides a path of success for you and your dog!

You get all of this for $47! You wouldn’t find another dog training who would be willing to charge you only $47 for everything you get in this course. Heck, a one-hour training lesson from a trainer of Adrienne’s caliber would cost a minimum of $125 or more.

Plus! This program comes with a 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. 60 DAYS! That trainer charging the $125 per hour cost sure as heck wouldn’t give you your money back.

So, based on my review of the program, would I recommend it? I would enthusiastically say YES!

Now just a word of advice, because of everything Adrienne does provide with this course, she has indicated that she has to limit access to the program. If you want to get the program, I suggest getting in on it now so you don’t lose out. Otherwise, she is not sure when she can open the program up again…especially at the low price of $47.

Now, that sure is worth it to me to take care of my 4-legged baby. Is it worth it to you?