Can dogs drink green tea?

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Drinking tea with high caffeine content is harmful for your dogs’ health. But, if you share caffeine-free tea with him, occasional consumption of tea may not cause serious short-term or long-term problems to your pet and improve the quality of his life by preserving his health....

Healthy Low-fat dog foods

Low-fat dog food

At present, people are more concerned about the health of their companions, and they try to prevent future illnesses in pets as much as they can. So, they prepare low-fat dog food or buy dog feeds with less fat in the market. Besides, fat is one...

Hair loss in dogs

Hair loss in dogs

It is very troublesome to having hair loss in dogs for their owners. Generally, it has called hair losses, but it is medically known as Alopecia, which happens due to several infections, parasites, and some other health issues. It can be appeared as full-body, a patchy, or...

Stomach Cancers In Dogs

stomach cancers in dogs

The stomach is a pear-formed, muscular organ placed in the left side of the higher abdomen cavity. It serves as the temporary storage site and is responsible for the maximum of the food digestion process in the digestive tract by way of secreting numerous enzymes and...

7 Cancer Symptoms In Dogs

Cancer Symptoms In Dogs

Cancer symptoms in dogs are the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, which can attack the other organ of the body and cause severe illness in animals and human creatures. So, it is crucial to catch the disease and treat it at its starting stage to prevent...

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